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The new Bahá'í Faith Local Spiritual Assembly (LSA) of Sedona Arizona was created in the Spring of 2005.  A secret ballot election of the local individual Bahá'ís was conducted on the evening of April 20th, 2005.  Nine individuals were chosen to guide, lead and conduct business for the Bahá'í community of Sedona.  Each individual elected to the Local Spiritual Assembly has no individual special status or title.  Although, when the elected individuals assemble together to conducts the Faith's business and decision making the group is divinely guided according to the holy texts of the Faith. 


Humbly and with the grace of God the Bahá'ís of Sedona have completed their first full year with an elected LSA and have held their second yearly election.  Again, as every year, the  tallying of the votes was conducted on the evening of April 20th of 2006.  We had a healthy participation by the qualified voting body of the Sedona community.


Some of the events we produced or participated in during the last 12 months were The International Day of Peace, The Season of Non-violence (the Bahá'í perspective on non-violence, The screening of "RACE - The Power of an Illusion" about race unity and oneness, Spiritual Gatherings (Devotionals) on topics such as "What Does Labor Day Mean To You?, Fireside chats with guests from around the world, and 10-12 week study circles using Ruhi Book 1 (Reflections on the Life of the Spirit) and other Ruhi Books.


"Unity Awards" of $150 were awarded to a male and female High School student that most typifies unity in the school environment in May 2006.



The International Day of Peace was co-hosted with the Sedona Library last Sept 21st.  On behalf of the Sedona citizens the Bahá'ís of Sedona received an official Gubernatorial Proclamation from Governor Janet Napolitano of Arizona for "Arizona's Peace Day".  The mayor of Sedona spoke and remained in the audience throughout the whole event.  Unity was definitely due to a cross representation from many Faiths, Nations, Organizations, and Beliefs as speakers and performers.




LIFE AND DEATH is the topic of a spiritual gathering on October 14th 2006 Saturday at the Sedona Community Center.  All are welcome and encouraged to attend. There is no fee.  The Sedona Community Center is at the corner of Harmony and Melody.  From Hwy 89A take Harmony north to the cross street which is Melody.  The center is one that corner on the right.  RSVP to Geri (928) 282-2790.  Guests are certainly welcome.  Watch for many other public events throughout the next year.

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