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Chimney Rock, Sedona

Chimney Rock with snow scattered on the surface like sugar on a desert

House of Worship, Chicago, IL

In Wilmette IL, the suburbs of Chicago, center for the Baha'i Faith of the USA. The National Spiritual Assembly of the United States resides here.

Wilmette IL - House of Worship (USA)

Areial view of the Mother Temple showing the 9 pointed star of the gardens surounding the structure.

House of Worship USA, Areial

Chicago is poud of this landmark on the edge of Lake Michigan. Many pilots use this site to gain their bearings for a safe landing at Ohare Int'l Airport.

Kevin Locke

Kevin is a world renouned Baha'i from the Lakota Tribe known for his hoop dancing and flute playing

Kevin Locke with flute

Kevin, a former member of the National Spiritual Assembly and a member of the Lakota Tribe in the Dakotas, sometime plays his flute during Fireside Chats in Sedona when visiting.


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